ECC – Romania
Welcome to our ECC team page for Romania

Our service targets the removal of carbon build-up found in vehicle engines and is suitable for any petrol, diesel and LPG engine from 1 to 13 litres.

Every year we service thousands of vehicles from family and performance cars, to taxis, work vehicles as well as high mileage lorries and each engine can benefit in a number of ways:

  • Restore power and performance
  • Lower Emissions
  • Revitalise fuel efficiency
  • Avoid costly repair bills

Why is carbon harmful to my engine?

Allowing carbon to build-up over time will cause:

  • Sluggishness
  • Lumpy idle
  • Smoking from the exhaust
  • Emission levels too high
  • Sticking EGR valves and turbos
  • DPF warning light illuminated
  • Declining MPG

If you have you noticed these symptoms already in your vehicle or would like to prevent these issues from happening, contact us today to find out how we can help.

We recommend using the Engine Carbon Clean service as part of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance plan.

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