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The Ultimate Engine Detox – Testimonials

"I used this service on my Leon Cupra R as it would not pass the MOT emissions test with over 500 hydrocarbons. After the service it was a mere 47 and my car passed easily. Would recommend to anyone.”
Mr J Jackson, Manchester

Our innovative Engine Carbon Clean service is the talk of the town.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and level of professionalism and every one of the many hundreds of 5* reviews is valued.

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From improved fuel efficiency through to restoring performance and avoiding costly repair bills, we’ve helped over 10,000 customers worldwide with every type, size and age of vehicle to benefit from the Engine Carbon Clean service.

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Restore Power & Performance

“Had my Avensis done today and I was really pleased with the results. I can notice a massive difference on the noise and performance. Thanks, great work and highly recommend.”
Mr S Jadav, Derbys

Revitalise Fuel Efficiency

“My 1999 Golf 2.0 GTi showed an immediate and big difference in the delivery of power, it’s incredible. The sound of the engine is much quieter and there is also a big difference in fuel consumption – up from 27 to 32MPG around town and 42MPG on longer journeys. My car is now simply a smoother, quieter and more pleasant experience. I would recommend this to anyone.”
Mr T Johnson, Berks.

Lower Emissions

“My car passed its MOT today with ultra low emissions. Before I had this done, it smoked so badly I was worried about the MOT. I was told that the emissions test was so low they had to do the test 3 times to be sure so I’m 110% pleased with the results and would highly recommend this to anyone.”
Mr D Newman, Oxon

Prevent Costly Repair Bills

“I had my 57 plate Golf 2.0 TDI serviced which had some pretty serious EGR issues as a previous owner had blanked the EGR off and this was stopping the DPF regenerating. As the garage wanted nearly £2500 to replace the EGR valves and DPF, I was slightly sceptical as to how well the Engine Carbon Clean would work, but within 10-15 minutes there was a massive improvement in noise and the idling was smoothing out. After about 40 minutes it was like a different car and it was £99 very well spent.”
Mr G Pritchett, Notts.

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